Eternal Love & Toxicity

This is story a love story of epic proportions but unfortunately I only have the first few paragraphs written… I hope to write more soon but in the mean time please enjoy the excerpt.


We are all one

Click the following link for full lecture: What I have to offer – charlie kaufman-

Bad advice From Mothers… or maybe just mine!?

  I love my mother but she grew up in a home where she was sheltered from everything, and rarely even got to stay the night with her friends. Let alone go out on the weekend and just be a teen, but also got to go to concerts with her parental figure and watch her…

“That’s what she Said”

This video is very inspirational  & to me it is a reminder to love myself regardless of my flaws, to respect myself, and to not let societal expectations make me feel I’m lacking something simply because i don’t fit into a box labeled “the ideal woman”.

“Girl that Never Cries”

“I want to go down in history in a chapter marked miscellaneous because the writers could find no other way to categorize me In this world where classification is key. “

For My Mother

My mother always wanted her story to be shared and i must admit..It is an interesting journey she had.So i decided today is the day I begin to unfold all that is Jayme Lynn Rose (and her many other married names to be divulged later). To describe Jayme is to describe a Tragedy & a…