Fluff My Llama

As soon as I turned 16 I went out and got a job at Subway; it wasn’t much but I loved working & making my own money. I kept that job until I dropped out of High school due to bullying, started homeschooling an took up a job at Taco Bell to pay for it. […]

Little Known Facts about Donald J. Trump:

Fact #1 In 1973 he was accused by the Justice Department of violating the Fair Housing Act in the operation of 39 buildings.The government alleged that Trump’s corporation quoted different rental terms and conditions to black people and made false “no vacancy” statements for apartments they managed in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. They settled […]

Bad advice From Mothers… or maybe just mine!?

  I love my mother but she grew up in a home where she was sheltered from everything, and rarely even got to stay the night with her friends. Let alone go out on the weekend and just be a teen, but also got to go to concerts with her parental figure and watch her […]