Update: Historical Abuse in America

It’s been four years since my children were victimized and three years since the prosecuting attorney told us he refused to pursue our case unless we had our daughter re-interviewed by CPS. We were lead to believe the social worker asked leading questions & that in her initial interview my daughter stated “it felt like…

Sexual Abuse In The Church

I don’t normally make posts about my children or what happend in public forum but it seems many people think Only Catholics had sexual abuse in the church & I see it is a topic these same people want to ignore but my children were victims of a Historical Pedophile. On the outside he is…

We are all one

Click the following link for full lecture: What I have to offer – charlie kaufman-

Bad advice From Mothers… or maybe just mine!?

  I love my mother but she grew up in a home where she was sheltered from everything, and rarely even got to stay the night with her friends. Let alone go out on the weekend and just be a teen, but also got to go to concerts with her parental figure and watch her…

“That’s what she Said”

This video is very inspirational  & to me it is a reminder to love myself regardless of my flaws, to respect myself, and to not let societal expectations make me feel I’m lacking something simply because i don’t fit into a box labeled “the ideal woman”.

“Girl that Never Cries”

“I want to go down in history in a chapter marked miscellaneous because the writers could find no other way to categorize me In this world where classification is key. “

For My Mother

My mother always wanted her story to be shared and i must admit..It is an interesting journey she had.So i decided today is the day I begin to unfold all that is Jayme Lynn Rose (and her many other married names to be divulged later). To describe Jayme is to describe a Tragedy & a…