Microwave Spirituality

We live in a microwave society where Morality is a thing of the past, Enlightenment is something you can obtain in one night through drugs & indiscriminate sex;  being an activist is as simple as posting partial facts on social media about subjects we never took the time to research ourselves and broken relationships can […]

Bucket List

Travel to distant lands Write more Pursue my dreams Stress Less Take initiative in making real connections Be Proactive Stop fearing failure Let go of attachment Accept change & move on Learn to dance Spend more time being silly Embrace Platonic Intimacy Be an open book Show my children it is possible to rewrite our […]

Poetic Prison

I have a dream I’m on stage; a famous poet reading out loud & everyone loves me. Yet, I always wake too scared to pursue my heart’s wishes knowing Damn well what my niche is but lying to myself while crying “no one cares to listen…”

Ptsd in Matrimony

I love you so much I’d be willing to die For one more night to hold you tight & show you love You see, I still believe in your magic For You gave me faith In my own Taught me To know my strengths As well as weaknesses & to hold myself accountable You are […]

Feminist “Thot”

Oh How did we stray So far From the days When men thought women Didnt enjoy sex to thinking They can just wave it around & our panties will drop I can’t help but feel Its our own fault For There was a time When a man Would court a woman Without so much as […]

god self

I have been depraved I have seen the depths of hell & laughed in the face of danger I have found beauty in darkness & fell in love with sin Though I must confess there is something divine In forgiving self For the times you sought comfort In dark places I believe we all can […]

Jail Bird Blues … A Christmas Poem

This one’s for the girls On 22 hour lockdown In a 6×8 room We talk & console One another with Tough love & jokes Find family in strangers & homes within our cells So my dear lost children My heart Pours Out Some say… they treat us like animals Yet you wouldn’t allow A dog […]

Life without Internet

 We live in a world of comfort But are we too comfortable Internet at our Fingertips With a push of a button Our friends in our pockets where ever we go never having to worry  about being alone  As we find ourselves Face in screen  We panic at the thought Of a day without technology Though […]