Resurrecting Faith

Today I chose to be who I am supposed to be but who exactly am I? I am Strong, Yet some may call me naive. I am passionate, even though at times that can be a problem. I am giver, who gets tired sometimes. Who wants to change the world but is losing hope… Losing […]

Fairy Tale of woe

Would we would build each other up If we weren’t so prone to violence… Experts say the cycle of abuse is something you’re taught. Yet, We live in a world where it is often overlooked. Not because we don’t know better but because we can not admit to our faults… Growing up I can remember […]


It’s funny how the heart And head contradict The heart will trick us into believing We are in-love While the head tells us To overlook the one Who’s sent to us from above Oh, how fickle they can be Jumping back and forth Not knowing what kind Of life they want to lead Nor ever […]

What is a Soulmate?

They say a soulmate Is the one who completes you Who makes you feel whole Who would do anything for you & never points out your flaws But I don’t want to live my life Blinded by love With Wool over my eyes Pretending to be pure Nor do I want a lover Who blows […]

Lesbian Fantasies

I want to kiss your curves and lick your crevices Though you are only a dream I have sometimes I often think of a time Where I am free to lay next to your soft and supple body not restricted by the fact I like women Don’t get me wrong I love my Life but […]

A Girl Named Love

It’s okay to admit you are not happy I know you have things you need to get off your chest I know I’ve done a lot of wrong I do not deny my sins So, forgive me if I write you off before You’ve finished speaking I just wish we could find the middle ground […]

Untitled Love

My sweet child, I know It’s weird how people can have such a huge impact on our lives but only play small roles in our stories… or How people we thought knew our soul so well they reflected it back to us are now Strangers but It all serves purpose Each friend that comes and goes […]

Law of Attraction

Although, they may help Gifts & great sex Are not Love… Love is two souls Connecting on a level Much deeper & expressed Best through action It is nursing love Back to health watching them Wallow in depression And holding them Until they stop Love is Making the bad days Good;not to gain favor But […]