Our Broken Souls’

Journey to completeness
The whole inside seen
through another’s eyes
bodies intertwined
The feeling is palpable
tranquil, yet there’s
a vibration from within
as we join our pieces together
Before God and Holy Spirit.
We Explore the landscape
focused solely on what’s before us
meditation, immersed in love
this is how two souls become one.

Timeline Jumping

I align with the reality in which

I can fully accept love

I align with the reality in which

I can fully express love

I align with the reality in which

I can express myself productively

I align with the reality in which

I am the best version of myself

I am in the reality in which

I am living my best life

I align with the reality

A quote I heard once

“You can only join hands

When they are empty”

Sure, You can try to connect

With tools meant to close

The gap which they create

Yet it will only Cause

distance and disconnect …

Close the distinctions

Find your skin against theirs

notice Your hearts as they beat as one

Revel in it as long as you can

this is the meaning of life

Narcissistic Vulnerability

I’m so narcissistic

I’m mostly attracted to females

But Im always with a man

they are “easier”

Women are difficult and crazy

But not me… ME…

I’m TOTALLY reasonable

NEVER start any arguments

Or get offended over something silly

Because my ego isn’t easily bruised

Depression never gets the best of me

I’m PERFECT… Perfectly Broken

Depression is the most narcissistic

Mental illness ever (Besides NPD)

attached way too easy

Give too much out the gate

And then get mad

When people can’t reciprocate

Start to believe no one cares

crash into an unresponsive state

where Has everyone gone to

Once I begin Conserving energy

Or refilling my cup

When I set boundaries

It seems people stop giving a fuck

Stop checking in and coming around

Maybe it’s because I’m unforgiving,

Unresponsive, and expect too much…

Dear sister,

Beautiful girl

You are more

than A body

You are more

than A smile

You are more

Than the tattered

Pieces of your heart

Pick yourself UP GIRL


Get yourself together

You say the girl

you were is gone

And Nothing is left

So, MAKE A NEW version.

Dear sister, ex-lover, friend

Stop. Lying.

You don’t have to pretend

Pick up the pieces

And fashion

new ones if you must

No matter what you have done

Just pick yourself up

Burning bridges

I’ve spent my lifetime

Mending bridges

attempting to rebuild them

After they were

nothing but ash

suffocating while

Begging for help

but no one came

So today I don’t fight fire

or fan the flames

I won’t sit around

and watch bridges burn

I’ll pick up the charred pieces

Build a house

And rejoice for those

who choose to stay

And to the ones who

helped me realize

you can’t make

everyone love you

Thank God for the lesson

And May Your best days

be yet to come


wilted flower

You have a story to tell

You are love

You are memories

You are wilted

But still beautiful

Some may say

Your value is gone

Though, I still see your colors

and there is hope

But even if you go

I want you to know

Your memory

will last forever

Heart Breaker

She’s the kind of girl

Everyone falls in love with

She has a sparkle in her eyes

That hides the pain

She keeps inside

She is the kind of girl

You can’t get over

Oh you will try

But she’s the kind of girl

Everyone wants to save

And She’ll give you

just enough hope

To believe you can

But she will never love you

Because she’s the kind of girl

That puts a fence

around her heart and

lines it with barbed wire

You’ll try to climb over

But you’ll end up bleeding

You’ll try to show her

You don’t want to own her

Attempt to tear down her walls

Yet, Even if she lets you in

she will leave you

In the end

Lesbian Love

I’ve had many forms of love

Platonic, romantic, unrequited

I’ve loved men who loved me

More than themselves

And men who refused

To lift a finger to help

But I’m looking for a love

That is equal from end to end

I need someone soft

Someone supple

Who loves to cuddle

I need kisses, flowers

And to write erotic poetry

as I stair into my love’s eyes

Will you stay?

Not just promise

your love won’t fade

But Make me feel safe?

As I take this leap of faith

Promise me, you’ll never let go?

I still believe in fairytales

No one ever told us

That Life is hard

No one ever told us

Even fairytales

Have their sad parts

No one ever told us

That marriage is work

And if you don’t fight

To hold it together

Life will tear you apart

No one ever told us

There’s no magic elixir

to help you love yourself

No one ever told us

but it our choice

No one ever told us

but our time here is short

No one ever told us

but it’s true

Life is as good

as you put effort to