wilted flower You have a story to tell You are love You are memories You are wilted But still beautiful Some may say Your value is gone Though, I still see your colors and there is hope But even if you go I want you to know Your memory will last forever

Lesbian Love

I’ve had many forms of love Platonic, romantic, unrequited I’ve loved men who loved me More than themselves And men who refused To lift a finger to help But I’m looking for a love That is equal from end to end I need someone soft Someone supple Who loves to cuddle I need kisses, flowersContinue reading “Lesbian Love”

Lesbian Fantasy (part 2): Best Friends for Life

Love I am blinded by your beauty You have A spirit that refuses to give up A fighter and a lover My friend and fantasy I want to write you poetry I wanna bask in your glow listen to Your inner workings I want to though it seems You’re always in a rush You leaveContinue reading “Lesbian Fantasy (part 2): Best Friends for Life”

Make Believe

Sometimes I still Think about you Sometimes I miss you Sometimes I wonder If you do too Sometimes I want to tell you I’m happy for you For You continue building the life you want I’m proud of you For you never gave up I look up to you Like a sister looks to aContinue reading “Make Believe”


They call me P.O.E.T Politically incorrect Overly sensitive Embodiment of Poetry Tearfully Present Purposely deep Ever changing Over society Torn Perfectly Broken On Fleek Enjoying life Thankful I am a P.O.E.T Pure, Open, Existential, Truth bringer

Silver Lining

In these Uncertain times Many are frightened Frightened by the unknown By the things they can’t control And rightfully so Yet if you look closely You can see the silver lining While we’ve been stuck indoors Our planet has been healing wild animals are reclaiming the land The youth in countries of conflict Are TradingContinue reading “Silver Lining”