Silver Lining

In these Uncertain times Many are frightened Frightened by the unknown By the things they can’t control And rightfully so Yet if you look closely You can see the silver lining While we’ve been stuck indoors Our planet has been healing wild animals are reclaiming the land The youth in countries of conflict Are Trading […]

Skin Deep

Your skin is only a shell A vessel for which to carry Your Mind, Soul and inner workings Sure you can have flawless skin Lustrous hair and Smile Spend All your time and effort In portraying yourself as The perfect work of art With makeup and dress, Always in exactly the right place While ignoring […]


I would not trade our love for any gold or riches; Nor any comfort of life and though we differ in many ways You are my perfect mate. You are strong when I am weak, you are courageous when I am scared; you are hopeful when I have all but given up. You give me […]

Ode to My Former Self

I used to Believe I had to change the world In order for my life to have meaning, had to do something great in order to matter; something beyond myself in order to feel worthy of happiness; denied myself joy Because I had failed to do more in my 33 years of existence. I Couldn’t […]


I met you when I was 15 You were there for The good and the bad. Yet through the years Many times I fell short Of what you deserved. Fell victim to the charms of other men. Forsaking my best friend I gave up on myself, On our future; On every value I held dear. […]

What is a Soulmate?

They say a soulmate Is the one who completes you Who makes you feel whole Who would do anything for you & never points out your flaws But I don’t want to live my life Blinded by love With Wool over my eyes Pretending to be pure Nor do I want a lover Who blows […]

Self-Love is not Vanity: A Love Poem To Myself

I love you; You before anyone else For you can not Love anyone Without first Loving yourself You have eyes that Shine in the darkest of hours and tell your story without any fear You are courageous and continue to love despite your traumatic past You have a way with words Which can be used […]

Resurrecting Faith

Today I chose to be who I am supposed to be but who exactly am I? I am Strong, Yet some may call me naive. I am passionate, even though at times that can be a problem. I am giver, who gets tired sometimes. Who wants to change the world but is losing hope… Losing […]