They say a soulmate

Is the one

who completes you

Who makes you feel whole

Who would do

anything for you & never

points out your flaws

But I don’t want

to live my life

Blinded by love

With Wool over my eyes

Pretending to be pure

Nor do I want a lover

Who blows smoke

To spare fragile egos

No. I want someone

Who is not afraid

to call me out

Who is willing to

tell me hard truths

Who sees my flaws

And loves me enough

To help me fix myself

For all fairy tales

Have an ending

& if you allow

Someone else

to complete you

What happens

when they’re gone?

So, while it may not be

What society expects

When they speak

of true love

You are everything

I ever wanted

And all of the above



Published by RayLove

I am a Humanitarian and Advocate many types of social reform Please check out my Causes as well as well as my social media website.

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