Growing Pains

Love is meant for two

Not three or four

But all I want is to

Run to your door

Yet you are in Love 

With someone new

Even though you gave up… 

Still I can’t move on 

 After falling for you 

There is no moving past it

For now A scar sits…

Where love once belonged

Hardening the muscle

That displays weakness

 Yet, strength Is found

where It remains… 

Only harder to penetrate

& Still beating the same

Calling out for a love

that can not be defined…

They say love is insanity

And they may be right

For your touch was Angelic

Your love a gift from Heaven

& it is hard to be 

touched by the Divine

Without losing your mind… 

You were my Angel 

 I may never replace

Although, I must still try

I know where Love resides

& I’m not ready to say Goodbye


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