Life without Internet

 We live in a world of comfort

But are we too comfortable

Internet at our Fingertips

With a push of a button

Our friends in our pockets

where ever we go

never having to worry 

about being alone 

As we find ourselves

Face in screen 

We panic at the thought

Of a day without technology

Though we Grew up

in a time Without a lot

 we never felt alone 

& were too busy

Making memories to

stop for “selfies”

We cherished every moment

Lived life Instead of  watching it 

Pass by On Tiny Screens

Giving thumbs up 

And sharing love 

But rarely looking 

Each other in the eyes…

Have we all disconnected?

Has technology turned us Hollow

Nothing inside our brains

Except our next status update

Heads down as not to notice

while we pass each other by

Have We sold our souls for Wi-Fi?


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